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♎Gold Saint Libra----Dohko! The Strongest Gold Saint that will fight along with you! The most all-round S-class Saint! Survivors of the Holy war! Jump to. Sections of this page. 1⃣ Open Chapter 22 and Side Story 22 2⃣ The man like God - Arayashiki Shaka is back, the most powerful, high speed CATK AOE, 0 energy cost purify. Kanon Virgo Shaka vs Hisoka - Forums - Apr 13, 2013 · Shaka of the Virgo Constellation (From Saint-Seiya) VS Hisoka I fucking love Hisoka but Shaka takes this one. He's the strongest gold saint in SS …

The Greatest gods PT.2 | Battle Arena Amino Amino 30) Virgo Shaka-Revered as the strongest gold saint to ever live and a man that was even comparable to Athena herself.-Overpowered 3 gold saints easily, one of which was Gemini Saga.-The future Virgo saints refer to him as a man "closest to becoming a god" and the personification of Buddha. Saint Seiya Soul of Gold S01:E05 - God Cloth's Ultimate Power! S01:E05 - God Cloth's Ultimate Power! Learning of the God Cloths’ powers from Shaka, Mu telepathically tells Aiolia and Lyfia, who are headed to Yggdrasil, that its barrier can be broken using their God Cloths to raise their Cosmo to the limit to attack the 3 key points of the Great Root.

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21 Sep 2014 The most powerful Gold Saints from the original Saint Seiya anime. Regardless , Shaka has many attacks ranging from illusions, telepathy,  Strongest Gold Saint. Gemini Saga: 1 votes; Virgo Shaka: 3 votes; Alter Haukrei: 0 votes; Taurus Rasagado: 0 votes. Only members  The Gold Saints ( 黄金聖闘士 ( ゴールドセイント ) , Gōrudo Seinto) are the most powerful Saints in Athena's Army and personal guard to her, invincible among them  1 Jun 2015 For this article, we are going to go almost 30 years back to the past and explore the top 10 strongest characters from Saint Seiya, or Knights of 

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Saint Seiya Awakening comes with tons of character that has different abilities that players can play around. The most obvious strong characters are the S and SS Gold Saints that usually has ultimate skill that can one hit enemies. However, there are some low level B or A characters are actually useful that sometimes players neglected, most of Saint Seiya mobile game Saint Info - GTarcade Saint Seiya (Awakening) is an official mobile game of Saint Seiya, which authorized by Masami Kurumada and developed by Tencent. The game is 100% restored from the original story, all series of Saints with the stunning 3D graphics and also the lineup of Japan's top voice-actor presenting the best audio-visual effect. Saint Seiya mobile game Official Site to provide you with the latest Saint Gold Saint - Virgo Shaka by Ero_SS - Thingiverse

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Shura is one of the strongest gold saints, Mu and Shaka confirm this during the Hades Sanctuary arc. They recognize Saga, Camus and Shura as the 3 most strongest amongst the gold saints. level 2

“Gold Saint versus Gold Saint” Scorpio Miro finally goes up against God Warrior Surtr. And the other man who stands before Miro is actually the Gold Saint Aquarius Camus! Meanwhile, Aiolia and Lyfia who are heading to the great tree Yggdrasil happen to bump into Cancer Deathmask in the town.

Despite Shaka was a Buddhist by conviction and a true Gold Saint who fought for justice, he was loyal to the false Pope of Sanctuary, as his ability to discern a being's true nature revealed to him that the Pope's was a benevolent one. In a battle royal, which one of the 12 gold saints (of the ... Here is my personal ranking of the 12 Gold Saints 1. Virgo Shaka 2. Gemini Saga 3. Libra Dohko 4. Sagittarius Aiolos 5. Aries Mu 6. Aquarius Camus 7. Capricorn Shura 8. Leo Aiolia 9. Scorpio Milo 10. Pisces Aphrodite 11. Taurus Aldebaran 12. Cance Saint Seiya: Awakening Tier List - Updated GamingGuider Sep 18, 2019 · Check out Saint Seiya Awakening Tier List . All tier list SS, S,A,B and C.List of al saints and pros and cons of each. Check full tier list. Get your best saint in the game. How to Summon Gold Saints in Saint Seiya Awakening, Tips ...

The Listener - Chapter 1 - GalaxyMuse - Saint Seiya ... The strongest of all her soldiers, these golden saints guard each house of the Zodiac. While they all serve the efforts of good, the paths that led them to Greece are as diverse as the corners of the Earth they were from. Come read this tale And soon you'll know How a boy named Shaka Became Gold Saint Virgo. An epic poem. Notes: Thoughts, a saint seiya fanfic | FanFiction You are just one of us. A Gold Saint. Libra Dohko- Defence. The Libra weapons. 12 of them. One equipped to each Gold Saint. But no one knows which weapon will choose who. I wonder which one you would get, Shaka. The Libra Sword is one of the more powerful ones. Maybe you would get that. You are one of the strongest Gold Saints, after all Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac Media